Overcharge, a collection of 15 epic action hybrid tracks. Atom Music Audio brings forth the crunch and power of war with this melodic battle music. Supercharged brass, drums, and strings combined with synthetic elements will send you into a rampage of destruction. Overcharge is perfect for blockbuster trailers, epic TV, and action video games.

Composer(s): Justin Welgraven, Jonathan Diaz, Brooke Mitchell, Armi Päivinen, Tuomo Sagulin, Samuli Vuori, Martin Hataš , Ján Kuba, David Michael Tardy, Tihomir Hristozov

Post production: Lyubomir Yordanov (Mastering)

Cover art: Nedko Chaushev

Release date: 25 Oct 2021

Cat. number: ATM53

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