Dystopia, Atom Music Audio's 25th album is a collection of 10 majestic tracks which will take you to another dimension. Open the portal and go through to experience the true power of epic music. Every immense note played with an intensity of feeling which encapsulates the immaculate sound of the instruments, from climbing strings ensembles to intense choirs, from triumphant brass to thundering percussion, and from driving synths to the notes of a gentle piano. Pure orchestral power is seamlessly fused with modern sound design to bring you a heroic, hybrid experience. This album is perfectly suited for modern trailers, TV and dramatic soundtracks.

Composer(s): Christoffer Isefält

Post production: Lyubomir Yordanov (Mastering)

Cover art: Nedko Chaushev

Release date: 15 Feb 2020

Cat. number: ATM27

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