Leviathan: Monster Themes is Atom Music Audio's next album as part of our themed music project. It features 13 intense, apocalyptic and massive trailer tracks, full of foreboding themes, ominous soundscapes and gargantuan drums. Feel the gigantic footsteps of monsters, their breath and their immense presence. There is no escape from these colossal creatures. They're in our oceans, our skies and our lands. Experience huge brass, ferocious percussion, chanting choirs and climbing strings. This album is perfect for massive trailers and action soundtracks.

Composer(s): David Michael Tardy, Edu Jimenez, Danny Rayel, Randall Jermaine, Caroline-Jayne Gleave, Armin Gutjahr, Gareth Thomas and Chris Shutt

Post production: Lyubomir Yordanov (Mastering)

Cover art: Nedko Chaushev

Release date: 31 Jan 2020

Cat. number: ATM26

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