Atom Music Audio's 26th release, Blood Crave, has called to Valhalla for the strength of the Nordic Vikings. This album presents 11 epic hybrid war themes. Your foes ahead of you, your allies beside you. You run into battle. Allow this music to empower your strides as you prepare to strike. Rumbling and rolling drums, textured strings, battle horns, bruising brass, epic impacts, and grimacing vocals. Immerse yourself in the cold, aggressive world of the battlefield. Blood Crave is perfect for dark trailers, documentary TV shows, and immersive adventure games.

Composer(s): Andrii Yefymov

Post production: Lyubomir Yordanov (Mastering)

Cover art: Nedko Chaushev

Release date: 15 Mar 2020

Cat. number: ATM28

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